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In this section you will find recommended websites for Grade 11 Maths students. These websites have been selected by cloudsafrica.com. We hope you find them useful. Mouse click the topic which interests you to go to the linked page.

Adding and Subtracting Rational Fractions

Average rate of change

Average Rate of Change

Examples of Main Chart Types

Factorisation of Quadratic Trinomials

Graphing Linear Inequalities

How to tell a sine from a cosine

Investigating the graphs of y=asin(bx+c)

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Measures of Dispersion

Polygons - properties, interior angles

Simple Polynomial Factoring

Solving Exponential Equations from the Definition

Surface Area and Volume

The Distance Formula: How to calculate the distance between two points.

The Inverse Trigonometric Functions

The Midpoint Formula

The unit circle


Trigonometric Functions

y = mx + c